What Causes Stress and How to Deal With It

90% of Illness and Disease Comes From Stress! Yes, You Read That Right!
Hopefully I Can Help Alleviate Your Stress With Some Awesome, Healthy Suggestions!

So What Exactly is Stress and What Causes It?

Stress can be defined as any type of change that causes physical, emotional, or psychological strain. Stress is your body’s response to anything that requires attention or action. Everyone experiences stress to some degree. The way you respond to stress, however, makes a big difference to your overall well-being. There are many different things in life that can cause stress. Some of the main sources of stress include work, finances, relationships, parenting, and day-to-day inconveniences.

I’ve been doing some research on the underlying cause of aging, pain, and chronic diseases. I’ve found stress to be the culprit behind much of it. And I’m not the only one ~ medical researchers estimate that as much as 90% of illness and disease is stress-related. How does stress, something everyone deals with, cause so much illness and disease? Well, by a simple process called oxidation. Stress causes oxidation, which causes aging, inflammation, and chronic diseases.

Here’s the good news:

There’s an awesome “antidote” to oxidation backed by an impressive amount of scientific research And by using this “antidote” to oxidation, you can free yourself from a wide range of health issues, like…

  • Infections, insect bites, parasites, poisons
  • Toxicity
  • Rashes and blemishes and wrinkles
  • Balance gut health by supporting probiotic microbes
  • Minimize fatigue
  • Oral use for hygiene, reduce infection and decay
  • Body odor
  • Cleaning disinfectant for floors, walls, bathrooms, and clothes

You can even use it as an antiseptic for bee, wasp, hornet stings, snake bites, poison ivy or oak. And you can use it as an insect repellent. What’s this antidote?

Hydrogen! And we created a potent, hydrogen-rich antioxidant formula called “Daylight“.

Besides the health issues mentioned above, the hydrogen ions inside Daylight are also beneficial for many types of tissue or organs. These tissues and organs include:

  1. Brain function and moods
  2. Autoimmune disease, especially painful inflammation
  3. Decrease cholesterol, normalize glucose tolerance, and improve insulin resistance
  4. Improve capacity for physical exertion through the alkalizing effect in the blood
  5. Through this alkalizing effect it will also reduce tumor growth
  6. Inhibit angiogenesis (blood vessel growth) in tumors
  7. Lower oxidative stress (hydroperoxide) from radiation exposure
  8. Wounds (skin damage) will heal faster
  9. Even damaged eyes (retina) can start repairing with hydrogen drops
  10. Lower allergic reactions (lesser mast cell degranulation)
  11. Reduce Liver fibrogenesis by protecting liver cells from free-radical damage and it may reduce fibrosis in all organs
  12. Stomach
  13. Lung tissue
  14. Kidney
  15. Liver
  16. Blood cells
  17. General neuropathy
  18. Periodontal issues
  19. Oral surgery
  20. Vascular tissue (that’s your arteries and veins)

And you know what else? All of these benefits are backed by substantial scientific studies.
(You can find all the scientific studies for these tissue and organ benefits by clicking the respective link on the Daylight product page.) These reasons are why I recommend “Daylight” for anyone dealing with chronic issues or desiring less pain.

If you’d like to try Daylight, you can order it by clicking HERE

That said, I do need to give you a warning ~ Daylight is extremely potent and requires dilution before using it in most cases. Below are several ways to use Daylight and how much you need to dilute it for each use case:

Internal use

Put 2 drops into 8oz water.
Drink 1oz/day for 4 days. Let it linger under your tongue.
Increase to 2oz/day for 2 days.
Mix additional bottles with 8 drops each. Take 1oz/day for 30 days.
Stop for 30 days. Repeat.


Where the skin has been broken, dilute 2500/1 and spray to clean and disinfect. Full concentration is required (do not dilute) for bee/hornet stings, snake bites, poison ivy or oak. Pain may be prevalent for about 5 minutes and then subside to normal levels.

Insect Repellent

Dilute at 5000/1 and spray every 2-4 hours because sweat, heavy dew, or rain will dilute the product. When using a stronger solution (2500/1), the effects last longer and can be used to control bed bugs, termites, ants, or mosquitoes.
(Note: if you use it in a greenhouse or garden, both predatory and beneficial insects will be affected.)

Oral Cleaning

Place 2-3 drops on your toothbrush – without toothpaste – and brush vigorously only once per week, as it may affect tooth enamel or sensitivity. However, any tooth decay will stop and the tooth will start to rebuild the deteriorated area. Full concentration is required (do not dilute) for an abscess tooth.


Personal usage is beneficial internally when one drop is applied under the tongue. Acidification of the skin after a shower or bath is recommended after towel drying. Rub 3-4 drops on the palms of your hands and spread it over the entire body. Daylight works excellent to control body odor and one may require only 2-3 drops. Because Daylight pulls molds out of the body, clothes may smell moldy at the end of the day.

Cleaning Disinfectant

Dilute up to 5000/1 to clean floors, bathtubs, walls, and clothes.

Want to discover more health benefits of hydrogen? Check out this Podcast

Here’s a GREAT Way to Relax and Meditate ~ Binaural Beats For Relaxation and Sleep!

The science behind binaural beats occurs naturally in the brain. A different sound (tone) frequency is sent to the left and right ears through headphones. Upon hearing the two different frequencies, the brain interprets one consistent, rhythmic frequency, known as a binaural beat(s). The resulting frequency, interpreted by the brain, is the mathematical difference between the two frequencies sent to the left and right ears. The brain then follows along at this frequency and produces brainwaves of the same frequency. This theory is known as ‘Frequency Following Response’ (FFR); a naturally occurring science that happens in the human brain. Entraining the brain through sound isn’t just a modern trend. It is something that has been part of human societies for centuries.

Meditation is the best way to relieve stress, and what better way than to be soothed by a soundtrack that takes you away from your problems more easily than the best bubble bath and wine? Studies have shown that daily meditation increases activity in areas of the brain responsible for positive moods.

You will need special headphones to listen. Amazon has many to choose from HERE

Read More: https://alternativehealingandhealth.com/2022/04/09/binaural-beats-for-relaxation-and-sleep/
Lithium Orotate For Mental Wellness and Stress

Stress can make you feel fatigued, unmotivated, and down. Lithium Orotate positively supports normal brain chemistry to promote a feeling of confident relaxation. Stop feeling on edge and start feeling what it means to be calm and collected.

Read More Here and Link For Purchase:

CBD Oils Can Reduce Anxiety, Stress, Depression and Oxidative Stress

CBD has been rising in popularity as more people discover the potential of this natural plant extract. CBD Oil has made headlines as celebrities, athletes and everyday people enjoy its health benefits. But you might be wondering… What exactly is it? What does it do? And will it work for me?

Learn More and Purchase CBD Products For Human and Pets Here

Role of exercise in relieving stress

Any physical activity improves the capability of your body to use oxygen and it also leads to better blood flow. More significantly, both these things lead to a direct good effect on the brain. Exercise increases the production of endorphins in the brain. The endorphins are the neurotransmitters that are responsible for the “feel good” effect you feel and they also provide you with the much-desired “runners-high”. In simple terms, it is the sense of euphoria or wellbeing people receive after performing the exercise.

The physical activities take your mind off the day-to-day worries. Repetitive motions you perform during the exercise routine promote a focus on the body instead of that on the mind. If you can focus on the physical movements you will experience similar benefits to that of meditation. Concentrating on a single physical task produces a sense of optimism and increases energy levels apart from providing clarity and calmness.

Several people notice mood improvement after they have worked out. These good effects don’t end here. They are cumulative over time. In all probability, you will get a greater feeling of wellbeing when you are committed to an exercise routine consistently. Apart from the direct effect on the level of stress, regular exercising also promotes better health in other ways. Improvement in the overall health leads to moderation of stress levels indirectly. With an improvement in overall physical health, there are fewer reasons to feel stressed about.

Direct benefits of exercise in a nutshell

Apart from improving your overall health the exercise also helps in,

● Strengthening the bones and muscles.

● Improving immunity which leads to a lesser risk of infections and sickness.

● Lowering of blood pressure. It can have the same effect as that of antihypertensive medicine in some cases.

● Improves the good cholesterol levels in the blood.

● Boosts the energy level.

● Provides better blood circulation.

● Improves the capability to control weight.

● Helps in getting better sleep at night.

● Improves self-esteem.

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