Solé Salt Water Health Benefits

It is well known that salt has been an essential part of life for as long as people have been on this Earth. But did you know that when consumed in the right quantities, mineralized/unrefined natural salt can help to regulate blood pressure, increase energy, decrease symptoms of adrenal fatigue, and provide other benefits?

Solé (pronounced so-lay) is a mineral tonic made by dissolving unrefined salt into water. It was introduced by the book Water and Salt: The Essence of Life. Because it contains salt and trace amounts of other electrolytes, it functions similarly to electrolyte drinks that people take to replenish lost minerals and rehydrate the body.

Many are cautious of salt because we have been told that too much could increase blood pressure or cause other health problems. But what we weren’t told is that the human body needs small amounts of salt and there is a vast difference between unrefined/mineralized salt and regular table salt (which is typically heavily processed, bleached, and stripped of most of its essential minerals and nutritional value). Unlike ordinary table salt or white salt, mineralized salt is unrefined, meaning it has higher mineral content.

You make Solé Water by dissolving natural, unprocessed/unrefined salt into water until the water becomes fully saturated and cannot absorb more. Then, you serve the tonic by mixing a teaspoon of the liquid into your morning glass of water. While most of its advocates take it in the morning, you can also use Solé to help rehydrate the body after exercise or on hot days to replace the water and electrolytes lost in sweat.

What Are Some Of the Health Benefits of Solé Water?

*Hydration Levels
*Sinus Issues
*Better Energy Levels
*Hydrates Skin
*Hair Health
*Hormone Regulation
*Hunger Pangs
*Cognitive Issues
*Brain Fog
*Aches and Pains

We do know that salt performs a wide variety of functions in the human body and is essential for health when taken in appropriate amounts. Accordingly, drinking Solé or salting your foods to taste can help support systemic wellness.

*Mineral-rich salt supports hydration. Your body’s ability to hydrate effectively depends on salt and other electrolytes
Salt supports PH balance. Salt and other electrolytes support PH balance and help transport nutrients to cells
*Salt supports digestion. The chloride in salt is necessary for producing stomach acid, and salt itself supports the transport of nutrients in the small intestines
*The right amount of salt supports metabolic health. Low salt diets may aggravate insulin resistance, but high-sodium diets are also linked to metabolic syndrome
*Unrefined salt contains a wide variety of minerals. In addition to sodium chloride, minimally processed salts contain a variety of minerals in trace amounts including calcium, sulfur, potassium, magnesium, and iron

The body’s need for salt is bio-individual and some people are sensitive to salt. Further, some people with various health conditions may benefit from a lower salt diet. Solé isn’t appropriate for everyone however, particularly if you are sensitive to salt or your health care provider has recommended a low-salt diet.

Unrefined/Mineralized Salts are Rich in:


Table salt (sodium chloride) is very acidic and so bad for your health. It can contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure, retaining water and kidney problems to name a few. All side effects of using the wrong kind of salt. Table salt is a hungry unstable molecule that extracts minerals from the body to complete it self. These robbed minerals leave the body through the urine. What a waist. It is a chemical substance, dead, processed and poisonus which makes the body retain water and it overloads the kidney’s.

Ingredients and Basic Recipe:

I use Redmond Real/Unrefined Salt, it’s made in America and mined in Utah

Put 5 Tablespoons into a pint jar. Pour filtered/purified water over the salt water and let it sit for a few hours. It will be clear. Put 1 Teaspoon into a cup of water with lemon if you wish and this is all you need for the day. Best time to drink this is first thing in the morning.

I purchased my salt at Amazon, it’s very affordable:

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You can also use Himalayan Pink Salt or Celtic Sea Salt:

Himalayan Pink Salt (unrefined): Click Here
Celtic Sea Salt (unrefined): Click Here

Celtic Sea Salt and also the Pink Himalayan Salt have approx 84 minerals and trace elements. Celtic Sea Salt is not dry, it feels a bit moist, it is unrefined and unwashed. Unwashed is important, that is why all the minerals remain in the salt. Pink Himalayan sea salt can be fine, course or come in large gemstone like rocks.

Solé Himalayan Salt Jar: Get Them Here

NOTE: Always consult your Health Provider before starting a new health regime.

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