EDTA Detoxifies Vaccine Heavy Metals, Graphene, Hydrogels, Parasites, Nano Particles, Mercury and Does So Much More!

This is probably one of my most exciting posts when it comes to Covid Vaccine detoxification. I recently came across the following video with Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea and Dr. Michael Roth and it blew me away. I have many Covid Vaccine detox remedies and protocols on my blog which are all fabulous and very popular because many of the products are also immune boosters which is VERY important. The Covid Vaccines actually damage the immune system and the more jabs you take the more of it is damaged.

EDTA is a chelator and according to the following video it has the ability detox things like Graphene, Metals and Hydrogels which have been found in the Covid Vaccines. This information is very important and I will add information even more information on other EDTA health benefits below. As always, please do your own research and always consult with your health provider when starting a new health regime.

EDTA Detoxification for Metals, Graphene and Hydrogel
Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD interviews Dr. Michael Roth on EDTA Detoxification for Metals, Graphene, Hydrogel and many other amazing Health Benefits.
FYI – Dr. Michael Roth was a retired doctor of chiropractic with extensive knowledge and experience in nutrition and health. Dr. Roth sadly passed away on March 11/2023

Please Watch This AMAZING Video!!

Where to Purchase EDTA

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Here’s a great 2 page PDF document with information on EZDtox Cream benefits: https://tinyurl.com/3dua9cct

Remarkable Benefits of EDTA Chelation by Dr. Michael Roth

EDTA ( EthyleneDiamineTetraAcetic Acid) is a synthetic amino acid related to vinegar. EDTA was developed by the Germans in 1931 to reverse heavy-metal poisoning from the ingestion of lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, and more. This page contains several different articles about the effectiveness of EDTA Chelation Therapy for cardiovascular disease.

EDTA Benefits and Uses

*It removes the effects of a heart attack.
*It removes or reduces angina pectoris—chest pains.
*It removes or reduces cardiac stress intolerance.
*It reduces shortness of breath in coronary artery disease. It can bring back the elderly from senility and improve memory and reduce the incidence of Pick’s Atrophy and Alzheimer’s disease.
*It reduces blood pressure in about 60% of high blood pressure patients.
*It can eliminate intermittent claudication (leg cramps and leg pain and numbness due to poor circulation).
*It can reverse diabetic gangrene. It can restore impaired vision, particularly in the diabetic who’s suffering from macular degeneration.
*It improves memory, can prevent the deposition of cholesterol in the liver, it reduces blood cholesterol levels, it reverses toxic effects from digitalis excess.
*It can convert and normalize 50% of irregular heart rhythms. Chelation reduces or relaxes excessive heart contraction. It reduces heart irritability and increases potassium within the cells of your body.
*Chelation removes lead and cadmium and other heavy metals from the body.
*It removes calcium from arteriosclerotic plaque. It dissolves kidney stones, reduces serum iron and protects against iron poisoning and iron storage disease of the liver.
*Chelation reduces heart valve calcification, improves heart function and detoxifies several snake and spider venoms. *It reduces dark pigmentation associated with varicose veins.
*It heals calcified necrotic ulcers. It can improve the vision in diabetic retinopathy. It dissolves small cataracts. It makes arterial walls more flexible.
*It helps to prevent and reduce osteoarthritis. It reduces and alleviates the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Chelation helps to smooth skin wrinkles, lowers insulin requirements for diabetics. It even dissolves large and small clots or thrombii.
*It can reduce or reverse the effect of a stroke, particularly after the stroke, but even as late as two years following a stroke. It can reduce the effects of scleroderma. It reduces the need for bypass surgical procedures. EDTA can greatly reduce the need for lower extremity amputations.

Grants and aid for research on EDTA chelation therapy have been given by:

The National Institutes of Health
The U.S. Public Health Service
The National Institute of Arthritis and Metabolic Disease
The University of California
The American Cancer Society
The Charles S. Hayden Foundation
The Oscar Meyer Foundation
The U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
The John H. Hartford Foundation Providence Hospital Research Department
The U.S. Public Health Department—Division of General Medical Sciences
The Mayo Clinic
The Mayo Foundation

A search through the medical literature of the past will turn up no less than 1,554 mentions of chelation therapy. Chelation therapy is not a new treatment—it is one of the best guarded secrets known for health improvement.

Chelation therapy will remove excessive levels of 13 minerals from your body—lead, mercury, nickel, cadmium, and aluminum—all toxic minerals. It also will remove some good minerals from your body as well—such as chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, and calcium. It is important to take mineral supplements to counteract this while on chelation therapy.

Chelation therapy is not a cure. It backs out disease very well, opens blocked blood vessels, and restores circulation, but it is not a cure. If you do not pay attention to diet, if you don’t stop smoking, if you don’t take the proper nutritional supplements, if you don’t exercise regularly, if you don’t make those very important basic changes which control the disease, then surely the disease process will settle back in upon you at some point in the future.

It is believed that in addition to following good diet and exercise, taking supplements, and not smoking, you should be taking additional maintenance doses of EDTA on a continual basis.

IMPORTANT! EDTA will also lower the minerals you need in your body. So it’s important that you replace any minerals that you need using a supplement or by consuming mineral-rich foods. If you don’t replace the minerals your body needs, you may experience side effects such as:

Arrhythmias, Hypocalcemia, Hypotension, Prolonged bleeding, Cramps

In summary, you can use EDTA to take out metals and minerals that you have too much of, as long as you also put back the minerals you need. Visit your local Health Food Store to find mineral supplements or visit Amazon, they always have a large selection: https://amzn.to/3ZheA7X

I also posted a blog article called “Solé Salt Water Health Benefits” that also mentions minerals, check it out: https://tinyurl.com/mumjhtzr

More Info On EDTA and Health Benefits

What Is EDTA Chelation Therapy?

Calcium disodium EDTA chelation removes heavy metals and minerals from the blood, such as lead, iron, copper, and calcium, and is approved by the FDA for use in treating lead poisoning and toxicity from other heavy metals – source: https://nccih.nih.gov/health/chelation/TACT-questions

The general US population, young and old, are loaded with lead, mercury, arsenic, thallium, tin, antimony, molybdenum, cadmium, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and petroleum toxicities to name a just few of the thousands of assaults, chemicals and toxins that are accumulating in our bodies everyday.

Regardless of where you live, we are all being exposed to these heavy metal toxic assaults from: petrochemical pollution from cars, boats, planes, trucks, trains, industrial pollution, brake pads, tires, mining pollution, geo-engineering or weather modification, and the list goes on and on.

Everyone Could Use Some Type Of Chelation Therapy. In 2019, Humans, all over the world, regardless of location are being exposed to a variety of heavy metals and toxins daily. Many other researchers also agree with “Everyone is accumulating toxins daily and should be on some type of chelation or detoxification regimen throughout the year“.

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) is a synthetic amino acid and is a powerful chelating agent. EDTA is capable of forming tight bonds with a variety of toxic heavy metals and had been researched and studied for dissolving calcium oxalate crystals wherein the body could dispose more easily through the urine or sweat. EDTA also has the affinity to bind to many heavy metals and other contaminants such as Lead.

Heavy metal toxicity is one of the most hideous hidden biological assaults on all living creatures.

Above picture: As you can see, it’s quite easy to accumulate lead poisoning from our environment. All of this heavy metal toxicity from the environment transfers into our food, water, livestock and eventually the human population.

If you have any of the following symptoms, most likely heavy metal toxicity could be affecting your health in a number of ways:

  • Tremors – Involuntary shaking of fingers or muscles.
  • Headaches.
  • Infertility for men or women.
  • Mental “fogginess” feeling confused.
  • Anxiety and depression.
  • Deteriorating eye health.
  • Memory problems.
  • Poor kidney function.
  • Intestinal and digestive problems.
  • Tingling sensations and weakness in the hands, feet, and/or around the mouth.
  • Poor immune function – recurrent infections or having an autoimmune disease.
EDTA is a Good Decalcifier by Dr. Eric Berg:
Dr. Berg always has amazing health information. Check out his Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@DrEricBergDC

EDTA Reduce Cancer 90% Heart Attack 50% Death for ANY cause 43% [Remove DU, Plutonium, Cesium] EDTA removes cadmium, depleted Uranium, cesium 137, plutonium, polonium, lead, mercury, nickel, arsenic, aluminum and a slew of other toxic metals from the body. One study demonstrated 90% reduction of cancer in a controlled group who took a MINIMUM* average of ~1 gram a year over 18 years, as cited in The Journal of Advancement in Medicine: https://bit.ly/2H0KQEZ

EDTA can also reverse & prevent osteoarthritis by chelating bad calcium deposits out from muscle tissues and joints. Removes gall and kidney stones. Removes arterial plaque from veins and capillaries. Reduces chance of heart attack by 50% in those with a history of heart attack. Is used as a safe effective alternative to heart transplant, bypass surgery, and heart medication.

EDTA Chelation Therapy Successfully Treats Heart Disease. It removes heavy metals but importantly, arterial plaque… increasing blood, oxygen, nutrient, and antioxidant flow to every area of the body, including cancer sites, allowing the body to heal itself naturally. https://bit.ly/2suAgnV
Video: https://rumble.com/v1cgc8h-edta-reduce-cancer-90-heart-attack-50-death-for-any-cause-43-remove-du-plut.html

There is a lot more information on EDTA online but now it’s hard to find on the search engines because it seems “they” don’t want us to have alternative health information to keep ourselves healthy and strong. My suggestion would be to go to Rumble.com or Bitchute.com and search out videos with this information. I also have a ton of great Detox and Immune Boosting health articles and Products at my blog: www.DiamondzUltimateHealth.com

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