Nattokinase ~ For Spike Protein Removal Plus It Has Other Great Health Benefits

If you got vaccinated with the mRNA gene therapies, then you re-programmed your immune system to produce spike proteins. The problem is that spike proteins are toxic — so you want to degrade those spike proteins in your body. Nattokinase is a powerful product that can deal with the spike proteins but it has other great health benefits as well…

As a global leader in his field, Dr. Peter McCullough – internist and cardiologist – has worked tirelessly to educate us all on the science behind what is effective in overcoming COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccines. In a recent article, Dr. McCullough said this:

“Far and away the most common question I get from those who took one of the COVID-19 vaccines is: “how do I get this out of my body.” The mRNA and adenoviral DNA products were rolled out with no idea of how or when the body would ever break down the genetic code. The synthetic mRNA carried on lipid nanoparticles appears to be resistant to breakdown by human ribonucleases by design so the product would be long-lasting and produce the protein product of interest for a considerable time period. This would be an advantage for a normal human protein being replaced in a rare genetic deficiency state (e.g. alpha-galactosidase in Fabry’s disease). However, it is a big problem when the protein is the pathogenic SARS-CoV-2 Spike. The adenoviral DNA (Janssen) should be broken down by deoxyribonuclease, however, this has not been exhaustively studied.

This leaves the dissolution of Spike Protein as a therapeutic goal for the vaccine injured. With the respiratory infection, Spike is processed and activated by cellular proteases including transmembrane serine protein 2 (TMPRSS2), cathepsin, and furin. With vaccination, these systems may be avoided by systemic administration and production of Spike protein within cells. As a result, the pathogenesis of vaccine injury syndromes is believed to be driven by the accumulation of Spike protein in cells, tissues, and organs”.

Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of the mRNA Technology, Comments On His Use Of Nattokinase After Getting the Covid Shot Click Here

Nattokinase is an enzyme is produced by fermenting soybeans with the bacteria Bacillus subtilis var. natto and has been available as an oral supplement. It degrades fibrinogen, factor VII, cytokines, and factor VIII and has been studied for its cardiovascular benefits. Out of all the available therapies I have used in my practice and among all the proposed detoxification agents, I believe nattokinase and related peptides hold the greatest promise for patients at this time.

Dr. Peter McCullough offers advice for those who took the Covid-19 shots:

1. No more shots – the side effects are cumulative.

2. Be vigilant for symptoms of blood clots and heart damage.

3. Nattokinase – Preclinical Studies Show it Degrades the Spike Protein

Here is Dr. McCullough’s Substack Article: Dissolution of Spike Protein by Nattokinase

Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. McCullough discussing the Japanese supplement Nattokinase that appears to degrade the spike proteins on Twitter

The Wellness Company’s “Spike Support Formula” has a great product that contains Nattokinase and other powerful extracts. For more information and product purchase Click Here

Check out what people are saying about The Wellness Company’s Spike Support Formula:

“I saw Dr. McCullough talk about the product and decided to give it a try. A month and a half later, I feel sooo much better. I also have recommended the product to family members to help them detox from the painful side effects of the vaccine.”

“I feel like I have had brain fog for the past 18 months and after taking this supplement noticed the fog lifting finally. I plan to buy more for myself and now a friend suffering from heart issues.”

“I am grateful for the Wellness Company and for you coming out with this spike protein vitamins. I am a big believer in natural healing and not pharmaceutical drugs. Thank you for doing what is right and for speaking truth in a world that is so dark.”

Natto is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, but most of the food’s health benefits are tied to its powerful nattokinase enzyme. Natto is the only food source of nattokinase, but you can also buy it as a supplement. Research suggests that supplement intake is just as effective as consuming natto. Nattokinase has powerful effects on your health, including:

Lower Heart Disease Risk
Studies show that nattokinase dissolves blood clots — which helps maintain good blood vessel structure, improves blood flow, and lowers the risk of heart disease. It can also help lower your blood pressure, reducing strain on the heart that can lead to heart attacks.

Improved Sinus Health
Chronic sinusitis is ongoing inflammation in your sinuses that could be caused by allergies, bacteria, fungal infections, or asthma. It’s the most common chronic disease in adults. Sometimes, people with chronic sinusitis may need surgery to clear nasal passages. Research shows that nattokinase can shrink blockage-causing nasal polyps and thin mucus, improving airflow while reducing discomfort. Because of these effects, scientists continue to study the enzyme to treat symptoms of respiratory conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and bronchitis.

Improved Gut Health and Metabolism
Nattokinase can promote a good balance of bacteria in our gut, also known as our microbiome. Poor gut health can weaken your immune system and increases your risk of many chronic diseases, like diabetes, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, and heart disease. Nattokinase’s probiotic properties may also boost metabolism and reduce body fat, regulating and potentially preventing metabolic disorders like obesity and diabetes.

Always check with your Health Professional before starting any new health regime

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